Sketch Drawer

Sketch Drawer is a kind of photo editing software tool intended for converting photographs to pencil sketches. This program enables users to make usual photographs into exquisite pencil-drawn pictures, both black-and-white and colored. While creating a pencil sketch, you can choose your most preferred settings and options.

There are two ways you can edit photographs with SoftOrbits: manually and by aid of ready-made presets. These presets can be used as guides by beginners.
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have conversion done much faster

The conversion of photo to sketch process is quite a long process with long waiting time to end result. It would be nice to have this done much faster.
Gordon, 04.02.2013, 19:54
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see a more realistic license. Personal license can't be used for business; that is common. Business license can't be used for personal work; I've never seen that before. Both same price, too. And surcharge of nearly 50% to install on laptop as well a

fastRfastR, 05.02.2013, 02:46

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